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Is air or water leaking into your car around the doors or trunk? After it rains, is your vehicle a soggy, stinky mess? At Wheel 2 Wheel, we have the tools, equipment, and know-how to detect and repair air leaks and water leaks, so your car stays clean and dry, and your systems, like the A/C, heat, and power doors and windows, perform optimally. Because water and air leaks can damage your vehicle's interior and compromise other auto components, it's important to repair leaks promptly to protect your car's value and longevity. We'll make the leak repair process straightforward and convenient for you.

Types of Car Water Leaks & Air Leaks

Air leaks and (especially) water leaks are easy to notice but hard to diagnose. That's because air and water can be getting into your car from many different places, but—in the case of water—it all goes to one place once inside your vehicle—the lowest area. The potential causes of leaks in your car include:

  • Clogged air conditioning drain tube
  • Deteriorated, torn, or plugged door membrane
  • Dried out or cracked windshield rubber
  • Dried out or damaged door seals
  • Leaking cabin air filter
  • Leaking heater core
  • Leaking sunroof
  • Loose window seals

Wherever water is leaking into your car—the driver's side, the trunk, or anywhere else—we can determine where it's coming from. If water leaks when it rains, we'll check all your seals, membranes, and weather stripping. If your vehicle leaks even when it hasn't rained, then we'll find out where the leak is coming from inside your car. Here's how...

How We Find Water Leaks & Air Leaks

At Wheel 2 Wheel, we have specialized tools and processes for finding and fixing water leaks and air leaks. The thermal imaging camera we use is by FLIR, the same equipment trusted by firefighters, the defense department, and government safety organizations, and we have a smoke machine to detect where air and/or water is leaking into your car. Smoke technology is the fastest, simplest way to troubleshoot leaks in virtually any closed automotive system.

Contact Us for More Information about Car Water Leaks & Air Leaks

If you live in the Oak Ridge area and you have a car water leak on your hands, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us here at Wheel 2 Wheel. It's likely that a simple repair can take care of the problem, and it'll save you hundreds in repairing future damage and help maintain your car's value.